Since history description, the charcoal would be used as various ways in people’s daily life.
Our ancestors used to add charcoals in soy source with red peppers, which could lead to the prevention of food deterioration and to promote its good taste including its purifying function. Additionally, the charcoal prevents land acidification and supplies beneficial mineral, then is able to step the energy of land up.

Sorts of charcoal

Black Charcoal
It is burned at the rate of 400 ~600°C in charcoal kiln. Its caloric value is recorded as 7,000 ~ 8,000cal/gram. General purpose is for heating and cooking. The application is for agriculture and stock farming.
Fine Charcoal
It is burned at the rate of 1,000°C~1200°C in charcoal kiln. By firing high temperature, its surface color is showed as ash color (white color). Carbon value is recorded as 90~95% and it has more micro surface bubble than black charcoal. It is the traditional product in Korean charcoal. Namely, our charcoal is to mean this fine charcoal. Compared to black charcoal, fine charcoal has more carbon material, so it is used for industrial or household purpose.
Activated Charcoal
By repeating the above fine charcoal production process, the function of charcoal is highly upgraded. The size of surface bubble is recorded as 1/10,000,000mm ~ 1/ 100,000,000mm. The surface dimension can be reached from 250m² to 300m². This is the very activated charcoal
Bamboo Charcoal
It has some difficulty to make it fine charcoal, so mostly it is composed of black charcoal. By using high temperature within short time it can be produced as fine charcoal. However, its price is a little bit high, productivity is not efficient. Accordingly its usage is not general as much as fine charcoal.