Characteristics of Charcoal

1. The inhibition of oxidation
According to Doctor Phillip A. Lenard [Germany, Nobel Prize Winner], “the negative ion (an anion) has good effect on human health, and the place where negative ion could be abundant in the earth environments is around the waterfall.” Actually we can see live grasses, trees and can smell fresh air around the waterfall because negative ions tend to attach water particle with ease. Negative ion certainly is healthful and makes people fresh and lively. Briefly, charcoal is the lump of carbon, so it could supply considerable negative ions of carbon. The life time of charcoal’s negative ion would be 45million years. Its survival power is beyond our imagination. Modern people spend their time with TV, computer and mobile phone which tend to emit so harmful positive ions, and generally these positive ions (a cation) make people nervous and irritated. Surprisingly the negative ions of charcoal are to prevent everything’s oxidation.
The inhibition of oxidation
2. Natural Antiseptic Effect
Even if there are various charcoal kinds, generally charcoal has more than 300m² surface dimensions per 1 gram; compared to charcoal weight, its inner surface size is actually outstanding. The charcoal function of multi-bubble floor makes the humidity &odor control, especially natural antiseptic effect possible. In our living surroundings, the humidity itself is very important. For example, in summer season, temperature humidity index is sensitive to human conditions. Humidity index in sleeping is also important to control health state, if we live a life in humid surroundings, we are likely to get illness easily and change our body into very weak structure. Charcoal’s function is to keep body condition and promote its freshness through its humidity control and natural antiseptic ability.
manufacturing process
The bubble of fine charcoal
surface through a microscope

3. Emission Effect of Far-infrared Ray
In 40°C, General fine charcoal indicates its emission rate of far infrared ray as 93%. The functions of far infrared ray are like the followings;
  • - Promote the blood circulation
  • - Promote the blood circulation
  • - Activate the cell function
  • - Promote H₂O molecule and ripening effect
Due to these functions, far infrared ray is called “ray of life”, and it would use to prevent sleeplessness, fatigue, and lumbago.
4. The interception of Harmful Electromagnetic waves or radioactive rays
The fact that charcoal is to cut harmful electromagnetic waves is proved by Ishihara, the professor of Kyoto University, Japan. Among charcoals generally fine charcoal tends to get electric characteristics, so emitted electromagnetic waves to interior space disappear by charcoal’s suction.
5. Mineral Effect
During the carbonization charcoal has about 3% ash content which can be composed as Ca, Mg, K, Fe, Mn. Among the material Ca is the first, K is the second. Mineral is likely to be soluble in water due to its hydrophile property characteristic. Accordingly if you soak 500g charcoal into tap water for 24hours, when you drink it, you will find pure and clean taste of water like mineral water.
6. Other major effects
a. Removal effect of house dust ticks:
Charcoal eradicates house dust ticks which cause people to have harmful allergy.
b. Keeping the fresh state of plant:
By sticking ethanol gas that plant emits itself, charcoal is to prevent fast plant’s aging, maturing.
c. Anti bacteria and neutralizing poison:
Generally charcoal would absorb the harmful materials as the bellows;
- Insecticide or Drug;
DDT, Malation, Paration, Dieldrin/Aspirin, Barbiturates, Cacaine, Opium, Morphine
- Carcinogenic Material;
Mercury / Chlorine / Plumbum / Phosphoric acid etc.